T20 World Cup Latest Updates, Live Score, Points Table

T20 world Cup 2021 is becoming very interesting. Which team is qualifying for semi final. Team India still have chance to reach in final after loosing 2 match. The way of semi final for team India is going not easy. Team India have to depend on other team performance.

The ICC Men’s T20 World cup popularly called as T20 world cup is a  International Championship t20 International cricket which is organised by the body governing the cricket. ICC stands for International cricket Council.

In the over all game there are total 16 teams  and all the matches are played through twenty20 International.The match tournament happens after every two years. In 2020 due to the pandemic tournament was postponed to 2021.

T20 World Cup is the most popular cricket in India and people not only watch but they worship the game. Everyone enjoy the t20 World cup be it a women,men and children also everybody loves the game.

T20 World Cup 2021

T20 World Cup

Last years t20 World Cup was cancelled due to the Covid-19 in India but this year ICC declared that T20 World cup starts from 17 October in UAE in 2021 due to the third wave of the Covid-19.

By the time t20 World Cup 2021 Scheduled, the audience was full of energy and enthusiasm. Audience has been waiting for it for long. It has been started from 17 October 2021. It was notified by the ICC that the final match will be held in UAE on 14 November.

The matches was going on in the Oman city. Everybody is excited and it is also assumed that the third wave of Corona will not have any effect on the ICC T20 World Cup.

T20 World Cup Super 12 

There are 12 teams and they are divided into two parts that is team 1 and team. Under team 1 there are 6 teams and under team 2 there are 6 teams .

Under team 1

England, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh

Under team 2 

Pakistan, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Namibia, India, Scotland

Performance of the teams 1

Team England plays 4 matches in which all 4 England won.

South Africa played 4 matches in which 3 won and 1 lose

Australia played 3 matches in which 2 won and 1 lose

Sri Lanka played 4 matches 1 won and 3 lose

West Indies played 3 matches in which 1 won and 2 lose

Bangladesh played 4 matches and lost all 4 matches.

Team 2 performance

Pakistan Played 4 matches and won all 4 matches

Afghanistan played 3 matches and 2 won 1 lose.

New Zealand played 3 and won 2 matches.

India Plays 3 and won 1 match.

Namibia played 3 and won 1 match.

Scotland played 3 matches and lose all match.

Will India Reach T20 Semi Final Or Not ??

T20 World Cup

In order to reach in the semi Final the team has to work hard to reach the semi final. India lost the 2 matches  and it is really tough for India to reach semi final has to depends upon the other teams performance like In upcoming matches with New Zealand and Afghanistan match, If Afghanistan won the match with less margin and Namibia and Scotland any one team defeat New Zealand and India has to won the other matches with a big margin. it is tough but through this expectation but anything can happens in cricket. For India it is really tough to won and it has to depends on the other teams.


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