Popular WWE Survivor Series 2021

WWE Survivor Series 2021 is an event held annually in November By WWE. it is annual professional wrestling pay per view. In history I think it is the longest running event based on pay per view. It is one of the big five company along with WrestleMania. In survivor series 2021 champions will fight each other, Raw and Smackdown go head to head battle to win and become ultimate survivor. In 2021 Raw won against SmackDown by great margin of 5-2.

Beginning of the Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series 2021

The beginning of the Survivor series are from event of traditionally having teams with tag elimination matches, organizing team of 4 to 5 wrestlers against each other. These matches are tend to be Survivor Series matches. WWE has elimination tag teams matches in early 1987.This was changed in 1992 there are only one team which is tag elimination matches. Later in 1998 there was no elimination tag team instead they are focusing on elimination tournament for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In 2002 Elimination Chamber was introduced.

Results Of Survivor Series 2021

WWE Survivor Series 2021

In 2021 series big E was defeated by Roman Reign in the final event of survivor series 2021. Crowds were shouting in support of Big E, Resign subtly worked his heel character and turn the crowd against him. More important thing was that the fight between Roman Resign vs The Rock teaser continue the show. But the more important point to be noted was that there was no sign of Dwayne Johnson.

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