Playstation VR : Best Feel Reality Now In Virtual World

The Playstation VR developed by the Sony interactive Entertainment and was released by Sony in 2016. It is fully compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via USB to PlayStation Camera adapter that is free with Sony PlayStation.

PlayStation VR Games That Are Best For PSVR

Playstation VR

PlayStation Virtual Reality headset was released by the Sony in 2016 when 5th birthday of PSVR falls. On this occasion Sony also revealed some of the best game of the PSVR. The top games that are worldwide very popular to play on the VR are Rec Room, Resident Evil 7 biohazard,

Playstation VR

World wide the PSVR headset are selling in millions. Sony from time to time announces the latest game that are to be played at the VR. Games those are still in development are After the Fall, Humanity, The last City and many others.

Next Generation PlayStation VR

Playstation VR

After the success of the PSVR, Sony interactive Entertainment start working on the next generation VR system and also design connectivity with PS5 with cable for the best experience of the game and no multiple cord was there, sony is working on to make it less hard to connect.

Features of PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has some of the impressive feature that gave you the best experience of gaming.

360 degree vision yes PlayStation give you to live inside the game with 360 degree view, watch and live inside the game,feel the place and experience best gaming. Feel the scenery around in the game turn around  and feel the atmosphere.

Experience the reality with  the PSVR with OlED screen and 120fps visuals.

Sound Quality is like when a pin drops you hear the sound clearly. sound coming form around give you best experience.

You can chat to your friends online in the game discuss the game in the VR world with headset built in and attach mic in it.

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