New Education Policy 2021, Advantages Disadvantages

New Education Policy 2021 is that the 10+2 structure is replaced by the 5+3+3+4 structure. Ages corresponding to which is 3-8,8-11,11-14,14+18 years accordingly. In this way the new system will be having 12 years of school which includes 3 years of  pre schooling.

The policy for the current year 2021 to 22 was implement by the Karnataka government. Karnataka government was first to implement policy for National Education System as per the report of the State Higher Education Minister C N Ashwath Narayan.

New Education Policy

New Education Policy

Recently education Policy has been introduced by the Higher Education Minister C N Ashwath Narayan. There are many changes done and many policies improved. The National Education Policy  has been approved by the Union Cabinet.The changes are appeared to be interesting and some what appreciated but there are also some of the points in the policy which are criticize.

Advantages Of The New Education Policy 2021

New Education Policy

  1. Education is a right of every child and New education Policy aims to make every child educated with the help of New Education Policy.
  2. Through this latest policy around 2 crore of the students who are out of school able to come back to school for education.
  3. Early education up to age of 8 designed and improved developed by NCERT.
  4. A mission on Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy has been set up with the mission of all students should be educated till class 3.  The aim to complete the  implementation by 2025.
  5. The National Book Promotion Policy in India is the best achievement of new education Policy.

Disadvantages of the New Education Policy

If anything have the advantages then it will also have disadvantages. There are some disadvantages in New Education Policy which is as follows.

  1. May be Language become one of the drawbacks, it becomes difficult to search for the particular teacher for particular language. NEP has introduce the study material in mother language, Sometimes it become difficult to find the particular teacher for that language.
  2. Those students who want to complete there graduation can complete it in a 4 year period whereas it provide diploma courses of 2 years, which may encourage the students to drop graduation and do diploma.
  3. Study in the Government school and studying in the private school has very mush difference of education . The students of the Private school get earlier introduction to English language whereas in government school it is not like that. This is one of the biggest drawback or disadvantages of the National Education Policy 2021. Students continue their study in regional language that is the reason why student belongs to government school feels uncomfortable in talking in English.

NEP New Education Policy is good and it comes after long 30 years gap and it is all set to change the education system in India. The aim of the NEP is make India people well educated and their standard of academic increase.  The government aim to complete the target till the year 2040. In order to discuss the implementation Subjects wise committee will be set up by the government of India. There are many drawbacks but also there are many merits in the formation of the policy.





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