Electric Bicycle : Latest Next Level Best Bicycle

An electric Bicycle is available worldwide and are in very much demanding people like the bicycle .The bicycle comes under two category one is which is on pedal and one is with electric motor like moped style.

Latest Technology Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycle

Experience the ride on the new electric Bicycle the next generation thing, e-bike is the another name which you can get from the Amazon store. Have a ride with pride, innovate your style with the electric bicycle.

Electric Bicycle

These bicycle are come with the rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 to 32 kmph. some of the feature that these bicycle have are that you can choose your style of riding a bike like.

Electric Bicycle

Throttle- It is just the way like twist and go your way upto 25 km per hour with this mode. it is 100% mode of electric means electric mode you can say also and in this mode you can use the battery power.

Pedelec – Like throttle this mode is like same but it use almost 90% of electric power of the battery, You choose the electric support you need 3 type of settings are available high, medium and low.

Cruse- Cruse riding setting is like you glide at the same speed of 6 km per hour when you push the button. In this mode peddling is not required it is 100% electric mode.

Pedal –This is the simple mode in this mode electric bicycle can be use by simply pedaling like the normal bicycle. In this mode you can save battery.

Best Electric Bicycle in India

Hero Lectro Renew 26T 7

This electric bicycle is look like an MTB but with full of energy. You can buy the bicycle at the Amazon. Aluminum alooy metal is used to built the cycle structure that is why it is why it is light in weight. The bicycle will last for years just need a little care. You can run your bicycle at rough surface also.

Swagtron EB-6 T Bandit

This is an electric bicycle that make you feel professional cyclist. The electronic components that are fully IP 65 rated water resistance it completely means that you can use you bicycle at the rainy day also at muddy place and it handle load up to 120 kg.

Its tyres is just master piece. If you ride at high speed on uneven surface it be no problem. It has powerful brakes and it is safe for you to ride.


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