Darts : One Of The Best Sport

Darts is a sports where two or more players throw darts to a particular area of a board. Basically darts is a small sharp pointed missiles which is thrown by a player on a round target board known as dart board. Players are called as dartists.

Points scored by the players by hitting specific area on the target board through the point dart, you can same as in archery. Darts comes under the sports that are classified in both professional shooting and also under traditional pub game. Dart is commonly played in UK and the Republic of Ireland. The game is played all over the world.

Dart Board


As per the Dart Regulation Authority, a board is 451 mm around 17+34 in diameter and this board is divided into 20 radial sessions and every section is disassociated with metal wore or a thin sheet. some of the best dart board are made up of sisal fibres which belongs to East Africa,China or Brazil. Boards also available from different material which is less expensive and made of cork or coilled paper.

Some Benefits Of The Darts Game


The game is a professional game although you all must have played the dart once. If you are thinking the game is just simple and easy you must know about the game or you must not have the full knowledge of the game. The game require a high skill, accuracy and steady hand to play this game.

  • With this game you can decrease your stress and relax your mind and you began to enjoy the game.
  • In my thinking this game or sports can increase your concentration power .
  • Can help your improve your eye coordination and hand movement to high amount of ordination in hand and eye.
  • Enjoying the game of darts with friends and family can make you more social.
  • Focusing power improves as a player
  • With each throw planning strategy will improve.
  • Improve and increase your level of confidence with every points you won.

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