Best Software Xiaomi MIUI 13

Xiaomi Miui 13 is developed by the Xiaomi an electronics manufacturer for smartphones. It is a modified Android ROM.

Xiaomi MIUI 13

Xiaomi is a makers of smartphones.The new software was launched MIUI 13 it is the newest version. It is based on the Android 12 on Google. The new fond MI includes in the software that become distinct from other. The software is improved version and it is said that it improve security features in smartphone. It launched on 28 December 2021.

Ceo of it and also co founder Lei Jun unveiled and released the newest software along with the Xiaomi 12 series of smartphones. User Interface is strong on the security features as well as on privacy. It is also said that it has also allow the software in multiple devices in a single network.

Strong Security Features Of Xiaomi Miui 13

The new User interface has much improved security and privacy features. Privacy is very important features for any one using the smartphone wants that their data is secure, It with this new user interface has created three way verification process which makes this stronger but it is not confirmed that this features is worldwide using. The three way verification involve face recombination  that comes user id then comes layer that is electronic fraud protection.

Secondly when we say facial recognition it is not just face lock it records everything till waist  and other person who has same face cannot open your face as it reads the body features also.

Electronic Fraud Protection is something which is amazing feature under this feature the phone book records the number and before calling from the device it notify the user.

It introduced some new features via it like it introduce a new fond which can be download for free to users with simple letters numbers and symbols and sign.

There are also new wallpaper options available and every user of it will receive new wallpaper and widget. More than 3000 apps had been developed to support this.

It believes that it also design for the Redmi and Poco phones. It seems that Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 11 series will be rolled out by 2022.

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