AFF Championship : Famous Asean Football Federation Championship

AFF Championship is known by Asean Football Federation Championship is an international football association contested by the member of Asean Football Federation.

AFF Suzuki Cup Champion From 1996 till 2018

The first tournament that happened in 1996 and since then only four nations achieve this prestigious trophy. in Southern Asia AFF is the biggest football competition, the 13th edition of the AFF Championship will be starting in December 2021.

Due to pandemic Covid-19 the 2020 was cancelled and now it time again to welcome AFF Champion trophy again.

AFF Championship

The competition was first held in 1996 in Singapore being the host country and at that time it is known as Tiger cup as it was sponsor. The football tournament was known to be as AFF Championship in 2004 after the sponsorship ends.

AFF Champions

Over the last few years, this competition has been seen in many formats,like only one host country. In 2018 tournament was being changed and each team gets 2 homes and 2 away ties. Dominant force proved to be Thailand it wins 5 title previously and now looking at the sixth title to win in Singapore but if Singapore works hard can make it five on equal position.

AFF Championship

Vietnam has honor of holding a trophy 2 times. In 2010 Malaysia make it for the first time while lose in the finals three times.

Countries won AFF Championship

Thailand 5 times

Singapore 4 times

Vietnam 2 times

Malaysia 1 times

 For Thailand 2018 was unsuccessful year and 2021 still not proving good for them. They have potential, courage and hard work they can make it and prove their way.

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